Winter Retreat

This weekend retreat is designed to give participants an opportunity to enjoy themselves away from their normal schedules, responsibilities and any other distractions today's youth face. Participants will stay in Delta Lake's mini-lodge equipped with a wood fireplace in the front sitting room. All meals will be provided along with a pizza & wing night and a make your own ice cream sundae party. Indoor and outdoor activities will be available for everyone to enjoy.

Peer leaders will practice their leadership skills as they lead and deliver the workshop they developed for this special winter retreat weekend.

Peer Leaders will be in charge of enforcing rules, determining any schedule changes and lights out time during the weekend (adults will be present to assist if peer leaders feel it's necessary). Thus students will see their peers in leadership roles which allows students a vision of how they can make a difference / contribute to their community.

Peer Leaders will facilitate students in nontraditional games, activities and initiatives that help the group develop skills in teamwork, cooperation, trust and respect for other's values and ideas.

Everyone attending the retreat will return home knowing that relationships and friendships are stronger than before they arrived.

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