How we'll help build your team:

At Adventures in the Workplace we offer from two hour to one week workshops. We can conduct workshops on site or make arrangements for off-site programs, including meals and accommodations.

Each group experience is customized to best achieve the goals of your team. An Adventures in the Workplace workshop may include any or all of the following:

Adventure Games

These fun and humorous games serve as icebreakers, which allow your team to grow comfortable with one another.


Initiatives help your group develop skills in teamwork, cooperation, trust and respect for one another's values and ideas. Each activity will be modeled and then discussed from a participant and facilitator point of view. Here, teammates will begin to make connections between the activities they experience during the workshop and their own lives.

Low Elements

Low elements build trust within your group. First, spotting techniques are taught which enable the group to perform levitations and trust falls. Once these are mastered, the group advances to the low elements, which are activities that start at one foot off the ground and may go anywhere up to twelve feet.

High Elements

A high ropes challenge course challenges teams to step beyond their comfort zones and push themselves to accomplish self-set goals. Here, we stress safety, trust, and "Challenge by Choice", which means that each team member will decide how much he or she would like to be challenged on the ropes course.

Facilitator Training

For those who are interested in taking their adventures to the next level, we provide both high and low element facilitator training. All participants who complete the four day course will receive a certificate and will be considered for eligibility to work on a ropes challenge course when accompanied by a course director.

Contact us today to set up an Adventures in the Workplace package that will send your team climbing to the top!