4 Day Staff Train The Trainer Workshop

This four day custom workshop is designed to meet the unique needs of your program. The workshop will use basic adventure strategies, cooperative warm ups, non-traditional group games, trust and problem solving activities, low elements, a high climbing wall and high elements at the LaFayette Ropes Course.

The first day will begin with a series of nontraditional games, trust and problem solving activities which allow the group to progress comfortably on to the low elements course. Day 2-together the group will overcome the challenges of the "Rebirth", "Mohawk Walk", Wild Woosey", "Poison Peanut Butter Pit" and other low elements.

Day 3 - participants will use their Ropes Course Safety Manuals and team up with two other people on a low element to demonstrate proper use of the element, equipment, spotting techniques and safety concerns.

Our last day of Adventure activities, more challenging low elements will be offered. Followed by, "The Climbing Wall" and other high elements that can provide people of all abilities with an opportunity to challenge themselves physically and emotionally.

Contact us today to set up an Adventures in the Workplace package that will send your team climbing to the top!