Leadership Skills Retreat

This three day custom workshop is designed to help the participant develop or enhance their leadership skills through the use of Adventure and Experiential Learning. At the conclusion of this workshop students will have developed an action plan for a workshop they will develop, schedule, lead and deliver.

Students will learn:

  • Program philosophies that serve as the foundation for adventure learning, including the concept of Challenge by Choice and the Full Value Contract.
  • Curriculum basics related to activity selection and the importance of sequencing games, initiatives and the adaptation of activities for circumstances.
  • Facilitator tips for leading adventure games including styles and roles, briefing and debriefing techniques, the development of meaningful metaphors and working without props.

The first day will begin with examining the qualities of a leader, Leadership Profile I & II. We will incorporate some icebreakers followed group discussion on our goals and expectations.

Day 2-our entire day will be full of games, activities and initiatives. We will cover adventure philosophies such as Full Value Contract, the Experiential Learning Cycle and the GRABS Modality Check List. This afternoon students will step into their leadership role and begin leading the activities.

Day 3 -Students will continue to sharpen their leadership skills by leading. Students will be given time to glance through activity books and begin planning their own Winter Retreat.

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