4 Day High Ropes Training

Prerequisite: 4 day low ropes training

This four day custom workshop is designed to take the low ropes enthusiast to the next step- the high ropes. Although you don't actually have to climb to attend this workshop, you will be given plenty of opportunities to do so.

Adventure games and activities will be used throughout the workshop to help develop teamwork, cooperation and trust within the group. The days will be filled with training on the basic skills related to the use of high ropes course elements such as knot tying, belay techniques, selection and safe use of equipment.

At the high elements we stress safety, trust and Challenge by Choice". Participants will be challenged to step beyond their comfort zones and push themselves to accomplish self-set goals. For some it may be to climb two steps up the ladder. For others, it may be to jump off the zip platform (40' in the air).

Participants will receive one on one instruction and practice in belaying individuals who climb the high elements.

  • Everyone completing the workshop will receive a certificate and a ropes course manual.
  • A "Skills Self Evaluation Form" will be completed by all participants and reviewed by LRCC directors.
  • The "Skills Self Evaluation Form" and the participants demonstration of such skills will be utilized to create a list of facilitators who will be eligible to work on the LRCC high ropes when accompanied by a Course Director.

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