Corporate Groups:

Going home with the trophy
Adventures in the workplace, corporate groups What separates the winners from the losers in your market? Explore how to create a healthy competition within your company.

Company teams will embark on a timed rotation of adventure challenges and initiatives. As participants successfully complete each task, they are rewarded tokens. Each team accumulates as many tokens as possible. If teams complete their challenge and have time left over, they may receive extra tokens by completing a quick challenge.

Adventures in the workplace, corporate groupsOnce every team is cycled through the rotation of adventure challenges the chips are counted and the team with the most chips wins a trophy. The trophy will be engraved signifying their win and will be kept in their office until the next company challenge. At the next company challenge the trophy is up for grabs again.

Minimum participants: 10 (2 groups of 5)
Maximum participants: 150 (10 groups of 15)
Investment: $80-$145pp $1,450 minimum
Location: Anywhere
Timeframe: 2 hours to multi-day
Offered: Year Round