Adventure Workshop

We must start by stating this is not the obstacle course used in the basic training of the men and women in our Armed Forces. Our courses are specially designed for use by people of all ages shapes and sizes. In addition our professionally trained staff are excellent at recognizing special needs of individuals and subtly providing alternative ways for them to remain active in the task of the group.

This one or two day workshop is custom designed to meet the unique needs of your staff. The workshop will use basic adventure strategies, cooperative warm ups, non-traditional group games, trust and problem solving initiatives to build a sense of community with your team .

Together the group will overcome the challenges of the "Rebirth", "Mohawk Walk", Wild Woosey", "Poison Peanut Butter Pit" and other low elements. Analogies are made connecting the skills needed to overcome adventure challenges to working together in the workplace.

When your employees return to work, they will have redeveloped their sense of community within your organization and to each other. With their skills enhanced in the areas of communication, teamwork, trust, self-worth and respect of others, they will be able to perform more effectively in your organization. These are just some of the personal applications your employees will make after attending the workshop.

Contact us today to set up an Adventures in the Workplace package that will send your team climbing to the top!