What do we do?

Adventures in the Workplace utilizes games, initiatives, and low and high ropes challenge courses to enhance the way your team interacts with the world and with each other. Through our specialized workshops, teams will develop trust, communication, teamwork, self worth, and respect for others.

How do we do it?

Each workshop is especially designed to fit the needs of your group. Most workshops last two and a half days (we custum design staff development trainings from 2 hrs - 5 days) and begin with exciting group games that get your team laughing while they play together. As your group grows comfortable with one another, team initiatives are introduced where the group uses creative thinking to solve problems together in order to accomplish goals.

Teammates continue to develop relationships as they learn trust on our low elements, and they accomplish individual tasks beyond what they thought possible when they set foot on our high ropes challenge course.

Team Members

  • Jim Clarke
  • Amanda Clarke
  • Alyssa Clarke
  • RJ Clarke
  • Renee Gosselin

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